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I know everyone has a bad day but this encounter with Neil Protheroe was so awful and upsetting I wanted others to be able to consider it when hiring a plumber.

My household had a leaking kitchen tap. I contacted my landlord and she contacted Neil and gave him my number.

(The following paragraphs have been removed from the post following information received about legal position in which they may place the site. It should also be noted that our House Rule, m states "Whilst we permit the airing of legitimate complaints against businesses, we do not allow do posts which unfairly tarnish the reputation of or sustained attacks on businesses, in particular where that business is an independent local one. Any posts that detail complaints should include evidence to support them, such as would be suitable were the case to be subject to legal proceedings.') 

I'm not offering advise on whether or not to hire him, but it might be helpful to hear my personal experiences so you know what to expect.

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Agatha, sorry that you have had a protracted plumbing issue and glad it got solved. We have had excellent dealings with Neil: communicated clearly, solved a problem that two other plumbers who charged us hundreds of pounds could/did not, it was a real pleasure working with him. We have not had to call him recently, so I wonder if he’s been under more pressure, or has not been well?

It could be down to the pricing of the jobs he receives? If he has several jobs on the go at any one time and one is a bigger job that will take days/weeks and consequently he will earn a bigger fee from, then he would focus and give more of his time on that job than say a simple tap repair? I'm not defending his alleged rudeness and lack of action because if he's that busy then he shouldn't take on more work until he is freed up by completing other jobs. In my experience with looking for plumbers if I contact one for a minor job that will be around an hours work they never turn up even though they say they will. But if its a big job I'll put money on a plumber turning up.  

I am sorry to read about your experience with Neil  Protheroe.  I used him a few years ago to fix a leaking tap.   He insisted that I buy a new rap as the washer for the one there was difficult to get.    I found him very expensive and would not use him again.

He was very anxious to get a good write up on HoL at the time. I hope people rake note of your experience. 

Yes I agree.. a few years ago my kitchen sink leaked a little… I found him in HoL and he did come. He looked at the sink quickly and i showed where the leak happened. He undid the main collar quickly,wound plumbers tape and sealed it in ten mins but before this he rather strangely walked away from the kitchen right through to the front living room at the other end of my flat (without removing his boots on the new carpet!) without asking. I was so surprised he felt “ entitled” to explore my flat uninvited that i even wondered if he was casing the joint! 

He charged £50 for the ten mins he was here!

I then shortly after found Kabwina a plumber/ builder who was reasonable, friendly and very good ….whom I happily used ever since. He’s a fully qualified gas fitter and does electrics as well as being a superb plasterer. I’m not putting up his number here as you’ll just think it’s him doing it!!!! Others have since i praised him on HoL have concurred here too!

Hi, would you mind supplying Kabwina contact details? I've got a potentially complex and worrying problem here that I am not sure my usual plumber could fix. You say he's both a plumber and builder? I'd need someone like that as it's crucial to identify where the water leak is coming from (roof fixed twice so can't be that).

Response to Gary Smith: I'm not representing a plumbing company, I'm a resident in Bowes Park. 

I have used him as well and found him awful 

The flurry of good reviews that started in around 2016 and came in the trail of some bad ones, did seem odd. So, I contacted a dozen or so Protheroe reviewers to check on their reviews experience. All seemed happy. He seems to be one of those tradesmen with whom the experince is, shall we say, rather a Marmite one.

Really sorry to hear about your bad experience with Neil. That’s a shame. I have used him for years, and he has been brilliant each time, although yes maybe a bit chaotic as juggling young family life and stuff. I really trust him as I’ve so easily taken advantage  of. I’m always found him really reasonable rates, and he also helped one of my best friends by just giving free advice over the phone what they could buy to do the job themselves. So basically I will continue to use him, and recommend him to my friends. But seems he clearly has bad days

I’m so sorry you had a bad experience! This sounds distressing. Reviews definitely seem to be mixed.

After the reviews on here I contacted him, he came over a few days later to quote and then 3 days after that to complete the job. Price was fair, and he communicated he’d be late. So it is strange how far the pendulum swings.

I suppose we never really know what another person is experiencing at any point, or how someone else's bad day might be affecting them. Neil has done work for me before, big and small jobs, always given sensible, free advice, and done jobs really well. He's treated everyone with respect when he's been in my house. Everyone needs to go on their own experience and I will continue to call him. 

I hope he is OK, this sounds really out of character.

It seems a little odd to me that a first-time HOL contributor has written a 10 paragraph blog about someone who (apart from one other incidence) has normally given (by most accounts) a good service. Having spent 11 years as a domestic and business technician I found 99.9% of people fine, but, without any suggestion here, now and again there were those that were not.

Maybe we could hear from the plumber in question as to what the situation was, and for what reason he would be rude and swear in the street etc, taking the contributor's word that he actually did.

Personally, I think there may be more to this than meets the eye, that somehow a blogger would spring up to denigrate someone's normally good reputation. 

I could though be wrong to think this way, and if proved so, I apologise in advance, but I'm sure there are those that could understand my point.



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