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I know everyone has a bad day but this encounter with Neil Protheroe was so awful and upsetting I wanted others to be able to consider it when hiring a plumber.

My household had a leaking kitchen tap. I contacted my landlord and she contacted Neil and gave him my number.

(The following paragraphs have been removed from the post following information received about legal position in which they may place the site. It should also be noted that our House Rule, m states "Whilst we permit the airing of legitimate complaints against businesses, we do not allow do posts which unfairly tarnish the reputation of or sustained attacks on businesses, in particular where that business is an independent local one. Any posts that detail complaints should include evidence to support them, such as would be suitable were the case to be subject to legal proceedings.') 

I'm not offering advise on whether or not to hire him, but it might be helpful to hear my personal experiences so you know what to expect.

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Is this the guy that gets lots of great reviews on HoL? I seem to know his name from here? 

So many great reviews, bit strange don't you think?

So sorry to hear about this experience Agatha.

I had a similar experience, costing hundreds of pounds in unnecessary work, without a resolution.

He came across unprofessional and I am constantly bewildered by the positive reviews about him.

Hope you find a solution  to your plumbing problem. DM me if you would like a contact of a decent plumber. 

Thank you, that’s very kind. I’m sorry you also had a bad experience, it’s the stress and time wasted of chasing and getting the run around and being told nonsense.

We had someone else come around now so it’s getting resolved!

So sorry this happened to you Agatha. I have never used him myself but suggested him to a friend because of the many many complimentary reviews on here.  She arranged a time for him to come round and he just didn’t turn up. 

So many people have a story about him not turning up and yet he’s going around yelling at other people that the world doesn’t revolve around them!

Makes one question if HOL should carry so many ( suspicious ? ) recommendations about him, he seems to have his own page.

I also had a very bad experience with him years ago. You're not alone, Agatha! He's completely unprofessional and dodgy. Wouldn't recommend him to anyone. 

I was surprised by the rave reviews I saw on this portal for NP.

I can highly recommend Gus at Tavo Plumbing, he is brilliant! I found him through Which? Recommended Traders, here is some info: "Tavo Gas & Plumbing is a family run business that always puts the customer first. We specialise in commercial and domestic, plumbing and heating are on hand ready for any of your plumbing and heating necessities in and around London".  He also has great reviews on the website. I had two leaks over Christmas and he came around and sorted things out. I've since recomnended him to neighbours who are delighted with him. Having a leak is a really worrying experience, especially over winter. I found Gus polite and professional and really personable. His prices are very reasonable compared to my old plumber. T: 02034889935.  Check out his too, website: https://tavogas.co.uk/

A nice response but you mixed up your "I"s and "We"s. If you are, as a plumbing company, going to post reviews for your own busines, please make them believable.

The 'we' is inside a quote about the business from Which?

A nice response but you mixed up your "I"s and "We"s. If you are, as a plumbing company, going to post reviews for your own busines, please make them believable.



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