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Hi All

Does anyone know a good, reliable boiler repair person who is local?

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Rob Murray on 0780 301 4181 is excellent. Very nice guy, standard rates, does a top job and has performed miracles to keep our ancient boiler going these past few years and improve its running.

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We used the guys at www.goflow.co.uk.  Guys called Dan and Jim, Jim is fairly local.  Really good and fixed our boiler after British Gas told us we needed to rip it out and have it replaced.  Havent had a problem with it since and that was in November last year.

Pete 'the leak' is a plumber and is fantastic 07973152963, his step brother installed our boiler and was v.efficient and conscientious 07946521080. They are both really lovely guys and carry out work to a high standard at very reasonable rates. I would highly recommend them both!!

Cath - we now need someone to come and mend/replace our boiler. Did you go with any of these suggestions? Who would/wouldn't you recommend?



Hi Priya

I used Paul Howling, who was recommended on harringey online. He was very thorough, reliable and communicative but quite expensive, i felt. He had to come twice and fixed a problem with the computer in my boiler - it ended up costing £320 for his time - about 3 and a half hours. He isn't based in London, as he moved out, so is not good for an emergency.

His number is: 07973 756041.

Good luck

Pete - He installed our boiler and was v.efficient and conscientious 07946521080.  He also carries out services at very reasonable rates.

I contacted rob on the 13th dec, he said to text him details, never heard back not even to say he wasn't interested! Still need someone to service my boiler....

Yes, I've just had a similar experience. He doesn't seem interested. Of course, with all the above recommendations from HoL members, he's probably keeping busy, but then why doesn't he just say he's too busy instead of agreeing to call back and never doing so?


I would second Rachel's recommendation for Pete above. He's very amenable. He's the step brother of Pete the plumber mentioned in Rachel's first reply.

thanks I'll try him too, hate rudeness, he should say he doesn't need anymore business.

Hey...I would also say I would never recommend Rob Murray I called him out once to come and quote for a boiler repair....he ended up charging me £140 for literally 1.5 hours tinkering (i disputed it and he took some money off...he then said he didn't do quotes and his call out rate is £85 for first hour then 55 onwards for people on the ladder) and he hadn't even fixed the problem. He then said it needed a new part and a further 3hours work. I got a second opinion from a friends friend nico- 07976607486.... He fixed the problem in under 2 hours without needing the new part. I would definitely use him again



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