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Please remember to post your Harringay Passage surveys back - deadline is FRIDAY June 12th

So many lovely people have  already let us know that they've filled in their surveys but please don't forget to post them. The deadline is FRIDAY!

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can you link to a form please?

I'm afraid there is no online version of this as Haringey Council didn't set up an 'official' one and don't accept Survey Monkey. If you live on the Ladder rings you should have had one through the door and we've also engaged through schools. If you want one, message me your address and I'll deliver provided it's within walking distance!
If your child is at NHP did you not get one via the school? In the book bag?

no. But then that doesn't surprise me - much is lost between book bag and home!

Ok I'm up that way tomorrow so I'll put one through the letterbox
One arrived in yesterday's school bag so don't worry about dropping it off

Thank you to who ever posted a survey through my door on Wightman Road - I'll get it filled out and in the post today.



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