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Takes a bit of time as there's a lot of detail - I've just spent a good hour with the document. It contains many good ideas, many things you might want to comment on, and some glaring omissions (no mention of improving pedestrian safety at the roundabout junction Alroy rd/Endymion road, for example).

I doubt they'll be able to carry out much of it - the document is peppered with caveats that these are just ideas, they all cost a lot of money and do not represent Haringey Council policy... but still, someone has gone to immense trouble to listen to locals and think things through and the least we can do is let them know what we think and would prefer to prioritise.

There's a chance tomorrow evening to go and see the plans and the planners at St Paul's Cavendish Church Hall, Cavendish Road, from 6.30 - 8.30 which I may well do despite already having submitted my comments.

You have until 14th May to comment.

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I did wonder if the Frobisher Gate suggestion might be a better layout than the proposed cul-de-sac-ing of Sydney, Raleigh and Hampden (obviously as a component of filtering the whole of Wightman - a gate on its own would just move northern ratrunners south a rung or two)?

I wasn't sure how much of a problem the cul-de-sacs were - presumably some larger delivery vehicles had a problem turning at the end? Maybe they just reversed.

On the other hand a gate at the bottom of Frobisher plus a no-right-turn from Willoughby to Turnpike Lane would give residents (and their deliveries) a very circuitous route if they want to drive towards GL. I'm guessing the residents in that area would prefer the cul-de-sacs but would be interesting to hear their views.

Yes it was very piecemeal, which made it hard to comment on - you might find yourself agreeing with a measure included in one section only to disagree with the whole package offered. It seems to be trying to be all things to all people, based on individual residents wish-lists, without properly looking at the overall impact. 

But there are some pretty big-impact measures in there that need further examination - for example, if traffic flow is reversed on Warham, it may decrease through-traffic in one direction but will most likely increase it in the other direction - out of the frying pan etc..

The letter is careful to say that these options are only what the various respondents asked for.

So if we don't like it- it's our own fault

Make Wightman one-way southbound: make Park Road / Mary Neuner one-way northbound.

Well, perhaps not

FPR is right but may I also suggest that local Labour Party members lobby their councillors and deselect any not wholeheartedly supporting the filtering option? Selections for next May's local elections will be held later this year.

That's a bit harsh Jon,
As people have said, they may agree with one part of a proposal but disagree with the rest. A councillor has to represent all ward opinions.
Unless you've already polled all residents and have a Corbinesc like mandate ... Which you may have I suppose.

You might think that our councillors would represent residents' views, but that's not how they all see it. Much to my surprise, one of the Harringay councillors told an LCSP meeting last year that Labour policy came first.

I still don't think threatening someone if they don't support your favoured option Is a way forward tho.

What's Jon gonna do. Charge down from the heights onto the levels with the Hakka massive, waving his razor sharp wit and banish us all to south Tottenham ???


This is how the other closures in Harringay and perhaps even Haringey were done so I know it's a method that works. I estimate that a one-way on Wightman in any direction will affect property values on the ladder negatively as the speeds will increase and lorries will find it easier to negotiate. I estimate that filtering will see up to a 10% increase in property values. Gina Adamou is the only local councillor who lives on the ladder and could possible benefit from this and did not object to the gardens being gated all those years ago. Perhaps she's our only hope.

Hugh. would you mind naming that councillor so we know whether to vote for them or not ?

It was Emine I believe. The trouble is that Labour Party Policy is not as open to interpretation as "constituents' interests" so perhaps it could have been phrased better and not been quite so offensive.

As I've often said, Socialism is about turning the planet into a robot to support as many humans as possible in a minimal state of happiness (which would hopefully actually be quite high). Don't expect them to balk at building rabbit hutches for people to live in.



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