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This appeared in my front garden yesterday and I'm wondering if it fell off my roof or was blown in from somewhere else.

I've recently had my loft converted and am wondering if it's part of the extractor fan vent outlet? Or maybe it's a plumbing part?

If possible it would be great to know what what it is and whether I need to worry about it!

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Does it have any markings on it? My first thought was probably a part from a pump of some description - perhaps a lockdown hot tub that't seen better times? 

Very kind of you to reply Malc B.

Good idea to look for markings. It's got MT 248 PP embossed on the side, but I guess that's some kind of serial number. A tiny circle, with the numbers 1 to 12 within it, like the numbers of a clock, but I would imagine that probably relates more to the plastic manufacturer.

So you don't think it's a roofing part then? That's what I want to rule out.

But I'm curious to know what it is as well - it's a bit of a mystery

From the further pictures, I still think it is likely part of a water pump assembly (e.g. from a pool or hot tub). Each model is different but you give to an idea of what they look like, see https://gpspoolsupply.com/index.php?page=14&id=4911&product... 

Thank you for replying and for linking to that. I see what you mean now.

It does look similar...but I'm still not sure.

Also, I'm wondering how a part from a water pump assembly would find its way into my front garden. It's true that being on a bit of a bend I do get lots of rubbish blown in, but never anything like that!

Something to do with scaffolding?

Don't quite see what you mean, but thanks for replying Michael!

I mean something you would stick on the end of a piece of scaffolding where it is in contact with another surface like a window or wall, though who knows....

Ah okay I see what you mean now. But I don't think so as they used much smaller caps on the end of the poles. They were pole sized end caps

A switch cover? The spindle from the device would go through the hole and be furnished with a knob, and the gap would display the status of the switch - e.g. ON or OFF.

Thanks John. What kind of switch do you mean?

I'm not sure I understand!

A rotary switch where you turn a knob with a pointer. It would be most likely to be on some machinery, maybe to start and stop a motor.

Can't picture it, but thank you for replying John



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