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Please avoid FCE ExcelTots toddler football (Thursday)at hornsey vale community centre!

Hi all
I just wanted to share an awful experience I had at this session.
My friend and I decided to try. Thought it could be fun for our girls and checked out. Unaware We had to book in advance when arrival We were was told ok to stay as it was a "free trial".
I wasn't sure to stay for the look of the tremendous chaos (about 20 kids plus parents) but my daughters were off to meet their friends.
I've had never seen any teacher talking to parents children and colleagues so rude! This guy called Az was shouting all the time to the kids and expecting 1 or 2 year old to seat quietly. Just mad! I couldn't wait to the session to end when he said: if you don't seat still you will not get a sweet! I thought it was a joke but he started giving out sweets!!!
Session finished and he called me and my friend to pay. I reply I was told by his colleague something different. He said: "come on be quick £16 for both kids". And my face dropped! And I had to say I didn't like the way he was talking and he turned into a MONSTER shouting and insulting me. I nearly called the police to be honest. There were other parents and children and he had not respect!
I made a complain to the manager of the community centre and she mentioned he already had issues with the key holder and other class teacher handing over the ace. She was keen to rise a formal complaint as it was unacceptable his behaviour.
As you might know I will never return to his lessons!!! Also shocked to know they've been running for a while and parents pay for it.

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Toddler football? Whatever next ...

My grandson went to football coaching sessions in the borough and it did involve the coaches persistently screaming at the kids, it's part of the training.

Sessions are not cheap, neither are they for the faint-hearted.

Maybe get your girls into something less traumatic, like tennis or netball.

For the record, I have no interest in football whatsoever, I don't even watch the FA cup final.

Toddlers are far too young to understand the concept of organised team sport. It's not normally introduced until Yr 2 or 3 at state primary schools.

The company running the sessions should know this.

Xavier, toddler netball is far worse than toddler football. Although none are as manic as toddler rugby ... not a game for the faint hearted. Whatever happened to toddlers simply throwing a little flour & playdough around the kitchen/lounge/bedroom/garden ... car
We tried toddler archery once..... never again!
£8 per child with 20 children.

Jesus Christ, I'm in the wrong game.

Toddler clay-pigeon and .303 target shooting is much better.

Don't know about archery. They're certainly good at anarchy!

How frustrating for you. It's really frustrating when a person who works with kids doesn't know how to work with kids. Have you tried little kickers or access to sport? I don't know about the former but the latter is excellent. My son started playing football at the age of two and loves it.
Thanks for letting us know, I was thinking about taking my boys to that class but certainly won't now.



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