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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Noticed this article today online. Sounds like a nightmare not helped by Haringey not quite having their info correct..
I don't' know others' experiences, but wondered if mistakes are not that unusual?
I know someone whose flat was refused loft conversion planning because it was in a conservation area- only it isn't in a conservation area. Took ages and huge stress to sort it out and only was resolved with the involvement of an external planning professional to do the negotiation. All for a flat that wasn't in a prohibited area at all and was in a row of houses with existing conversions...


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Rotten luck!  Let it out to cover your costs until you sell the flat, maybe to the Chicken Shop owners? 

I've spent quite a bit of time over various Haringey planning issues - my view is that Haringey are no worse nor better than other London councils, it's the system that is broken. I accept however, that people don't give a stuff -they're happy to vote Tory in numbers and the Tories are happy with 'bonfires' of regulation that give developers a free hand to destroy whole swathes of our city.

Under the cover of the pandemic, even more ruinous changes roll out. Unless people stop voting right wing, we will continue intensifying inequality, growing the rich at our expense - it's what they do best.

Money on its a Service which is No Longer in House

So using outside Sources, that do not seem able to do correct checks

Biggest Joke is Noel Park Estate is supposed to be a conservation Area

No outside Wall Dishes or porch extensions. But remember it got dropped when Councillors chose Not to enforce. Due to Race Card pressures.  That residents should be able to access their own TV stations etc 

>>Councillors chose Not to enforce

Because the Govt imposed such savage cuts, Councils had to cut everything. Required Council Officers to say what could be safely cut.

Cllrs chose between rocks and hard places.

Across London drastic reductions in Council Officers - people with loads of experience on modest salaries axed. Inspection for example, cut right back - either that or wrest bread from mouths...

Council planners still managed to grant permission for many more developer applications than are actually built. Developers hold back so as not to flood the market and end up not proceeding with over two thirds of those granted.

Development has become a free for all. Ordinary people can oppose almost nothing, especially if it's only one family. Even when they get together in numbers; look at Wards Corner.

Little can be done about injustices unless more national government money is allocated to local government. That's not popular, despite horrible tragedies like Grenfell - the right wing culture of 'every man for himself' beats 'we are all in it together'.



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