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Not sure when it was done but it’s very recent. I counted over a dozen PKK symbols from the bridge to burgoyne road on both sides. And this has happened before. 

This puts shame on the local Kurdish Community, the ‘community centre’ being just a stones throw away from the vandalism. Will they pay towards the thousands of pounds this will cost to remove? I very much doubt it. 

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PKK is officially designated terrorist organisation by NATO, US state department, and UK government. The police should inform and work with the NaCSTO to identify the culprit and any individuals supporting the PKK. Organisations like the PKK rely on the patronage of regular people and businesses (as well as some sovereign states) so I won't be surprised if some of that support comes from the area given its ethnic make up. 

As I've said earlier, they were added to that list by NATO "member" Turkey. I prefer to judge these outfits by what they do and fighting ISIS makes them good guys to me.


Jake, there's a Kurdish Community Centre in the Gardens, not far from Harringay Green Lanes station. I have no idea whether they're pro PKK / Ocalan / graffiti or not.

Not that graffiti in its vicinity suddenly makes the whole Kurdish community responsible for it.

Just like one penguin lacking critical thinking skills shouldn't lead us to cast aspersions on all penguins.

@POTUS ... a little PKK puts the gentrifier's nose outta joint :)

Turkish nationalism is an ugly beast and your post is part of it. You're not concerned about graffiti,  you want to link the PKK to terrorism. Armenian genocide killed a million in 1916-7. Greeks were attacked in1950s, Cyprus invaded in 1960s. Peaceful  (mainly Kurdish) Syrian Afrin province invaded from Turkey last year by jihadi mercenaries doing sultan Erdogan's dirty work. PKK exists to defend Kurds against Turkish nationalist and Islamic fascism promoted by  Erdogan. They use the Kurds  as an enemy just like Hitler used the jews. You say terrorist, we say liberator. Most Turks settled in the UK are glad to get away from it, so why are you stirring it up? Instead of worry about graffiti,  why don't you concern yourself with the fact that the Turkish state imprisons more journalists than any other country? Lastly why not keep international political issues out of Harringay online.

"Lastly why not keep international political issues out of Harringay online." <- the Kurd's are effectively locals and we discuss their political situation a fair amount really. A quick search on HoL for "kurds" brings up a LOAD of hits: here.

PKK aint Terrorists.
Ive known some members and that are good lefties.  Help anyone in trouble.

Racist National front messages never got washed off walls when I was growing up!  

No time to find those responsible. Too busy enforcing the SUS law.   I'm not sure who hated us more back then.   When we first came my dad said it was haaaard.  Pissed him off more coz he was in the forces for 9 years. (Engineer in the RAF) it didn't matter he said , still no blacks no dogs no irish.  

One good thing though he said.  When he went to London transport for a job and they found out he was in the forces.  when would you like to start sir. 



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