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Not sure when it was done but it’s very recent. I counted over a dozen PKK symbols from the bridge to burgoyne road on both sides. And this has happened before. 

This puts shame on the local Kurdish Community, the ‘community centre’ being just a stones throw away from the vandalism. Will they pay towards the thousands of pounds this will cost to remove? I very much doubt it. 

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Terrorist graffiti is never a good thing of course, but are you suggesting the entire Kurdish community is complicit unless they pay up?


But should all still experience shame?

The PKK were suggested as a terrorist organisation by NATO member Turkey. I’m quite sceptical.

There’s also a lot of NHS graffiti in the passage.

And many other countries. Obamas USA and UK included. 

I'm not at all sure that it's appropriate to imply that a whole community should be shamed because of the actions of one or two of its members (and of course we don't even know that those responsible were Kurdish).

I feel great embarrassment and sadness about Britain and the Brexit farce right now, but I don't feel shame. 

Not sure they were Kurdish? Oh come on, Hugh. 

You simply don’t know whether it’s mischevious teens or Kurds. 

Nothing to say about impugning a whole community because of the actions of a few?

If people do insist on holding an(y) entire community responsible for the acts of a few as if it's one homogenous, monolithic block where everyone acts in concert, I wonder if they'd also be fair enough to do the same when they experience something nice from one or a few of the members of the community.

Such as a nice meal, a kind gesture, courteous service, appropriate use of apostrophes...

I noticed this too sprayed over the bus information tables on bus stops. This needs to be looked into by the authorities as does the waves of illicit activity up and down Green Lanes - so many shops clearly mere frontage for goodness knows what...


That's conjecture, not evidence.



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