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Once again the Pinkham Way Alliance is asking all supporters to sign up to be represented by it in another consultation that affects the future of the Pinkham Way nature conservation site.

This time it is the Haringey Local Plan: Strategic Policies Review 2016 - Regulation 19

Please sign up by going to the PWA website,  and do sign up for friends, neighbours and family who do not have Internet access (with their permission of course). PWA will be collecting names until midnight on Wednesday 2 March.

You can read a summary of the submission here.

Among many other points, the submission covers:

  • Haringey Council's claim that the site is ‘Employment’ land. The Council has no evidence, and has gone against the advice of its own consultants.
  • Haringey’s refusal to accept the site’s Open Space status. Its supposed reasons for this are specious.
  • Haringey’s persistent claim that the site is Brownfield. All evidence, including National Planning Policy, shows it to be Greenfield.

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Thanks for letting us know i have signed it

James that's really great - thanks so much.

This is a brief reminder that you’ve got until midnight at the end of this coming Wednesday, 2nd March, to add your name in support of our latest consultation submission.

Haringey’s policies and action around Pinkham Way will be scrutinised by an independent Planning Inspector this summer. Our submission and the signatures given in support of it now will be those that he or she sees first.

So, every name counts! If you haven't already - and over 1000 have - please take a minute to add yours now. Every adult (18+) in your household can sign. Thank you!



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