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To stop me describing myself as a hoarder I am getting rid of about four years worth of photography magazines and they are yours for the taking. I will recycle them eventually but thought someone would find them useful first.

They are mostly Digital Photographer magazines but a few others as well.

I live on the ladder so please come and collect as many as you'd like.

PM me for details

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A hoarder trying to hide the fact she's a hoarder is still a hoarder Sam!  If you get withdrawal symptoms after they're gone, I've got BPS, RPS mags hoarded too and will happily offer you a quick fix!

Yep you've got me in one there Hugh  

My pile includes a few of the RPS ones too so I'll let you continue your collection. 

mmm? But when does a collector become a hoarder? 

Do you get a lot of value from the mags? I'm never quite sure.

Other than having an excuse to actually sit down with a glass of wine to flick through them then vary rarely are they useful but I do enjoy what other photographers are up to in different genres and sometimes theres a hot tip that I might try.

I have them given to me as a christmas pressie subscription and we've never got round to stopping it.  

I feel the same - sometimes some inspiration, but normally a bit mweh.

Tell you what I am finding worth watching though is Masters of Photography on Sky Arts.  Each week i find value in thinking Christ Almighty how would I tackle that?? (then seeing how the photographers do).

Yes really enjoying it too. How would you have tackled the human body challenge then? Clothed or nude? They had the chance to do clothed and with what looked like really interesting props and they all chose nudes.
I would have wanted to recreate some theatrical performance of some kind as that's what came to my mind. I loved the comedy of gaffer taping the flowers though!!!!

Ha! I have 15 years of American Cinematographer Mag and have just donated to Crouch End's Oxfam! That's the answer!



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