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Photographing Foxes behind Turnpike Lane Station on BBC Springwatch

Foxes playing near Turnpike Lane, (Image: Matt Maran / BBC Springwatch)

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer Matt Maran lives in the roads Between Turnpike Lane Station and Downhills Park. On a recent episode of the BBC's Springwatch, he hosted a short piece about the joy he gets from photographing foxes around his home. The featured areas include the former railway line that stretches behind the gardens between Graham Road and Mannock Road and the Graham Road triangle.

The five-minute section runs between 19:00 and 24:50 in episode 9 of Springwatch 2024.

From the Springwatch programme, showing the view looking north west along the former railway line towards Wood Green. On the left is the Graham Road triangle. (Image: BBC Springwatch | OB and Wildlife camera credits in closing titles)

Fox scavenging in a street bin outside the entrance to the Mannock Road allotments (Thanks to Viv for identifying the location). (Image: Matt Maran / BBC Springwatch)

Thanks to Christina for the heads-up on this.

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Thanks, Hugh for posting... there was another piece earlier in the current series about these same foxes (cannot remember which ep it was though - sorry) and it appears that the vixen is now on her fifth (!!) litter of cubs. Foxy supermum. 

That photo of the fox in the bin is outside the entrance to the Mannock Road allotments (and the one of the three foxes is taken on the allotments), where the majority of the footage was shot - the bin has since been removed.

This photo was also recently part of the People's Choice Award at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (2023).

Another of Matt's photos, also taken on the allotments, was highly commended in the WPOTY competition a few years ago.

Thank you, Viv.

This is great! The fox in the litter bin is hilairous. ❤️😆

Brilliant..........watched that episode of "Spring Watch" from here in Norfolk never for one minute realising it was filmed about a mile away from my childhood home !  Makes it just a little more special.. Thanks

Taking a rest on one of the seats outside WG library yesterday afternoon, there was much noise behind me with boxes being shuffled about. A fox then sauntered out, strolled at pace with the multitude of surprised Saturday shoppers, and crossed at the pelican crossing disappearing down the nearby alleyway.



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