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It's a mystery... our cat came home a few days ago as normal... except someone had cut his front claws! Very neatly done, so, thanks for the kitty manicure. On a serious note, though, if it was you and he's trying to tell you he doesn't have a home, don't fall for it! He has a loving and conscientious home in Roseberry Gardens. Also, he's on a special diet and has medication daily so please don't feed him or encourage him to stay with you. Thanks! 

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I'm not sure who is cheekier – your cat for giving off 'I'm homeless, feed me' vibes or the person who didn't check his ownership with neighbours before clipping his claws!

Seriously though, I would considering leafleting the area with a DO NOT FEED THIS CAT notice, stating he's on a special diet etc. I doubt his 'new owner' is aware and perhaps the threat of a costly vet bill might stop them feeding him.

You could wrap a note round his collar, asking the person to call you. Personally I would be non too happy if someone took it upon themselves to trim my cats nails. But hey, My monsters pretty much dislike most people

Or don't let your cat roam round the neighbour. They crap in other people's gardens and kill small birds.

Thanks @tigha and @mld!

I'm sure all cat owners will be having firm words with their cats to ask them not to walk into neighbouring gardens. 



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