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Not the sexiest discussion title, I grant you, but I was wondering whether anybody has any advice on what to do if one of your neighbours never cleans up after their dog - despite being challenged on it (I've done this twice when, by chance, I've witnessed it happening and each time it has been removed within five minutes - but the other dog piles littering the pavement were "done by somebody else's dog". And I don't have the time to sit outside on the pavement waiting for it to happen again so as to contest this assertion).

Given that they never walk their dog more than three houses away from their own (and there is hardly any dog crap on the rest of the street), it doesn't take a modern-day equivalent of John Snow's cholera map to figure out that it probably is not the (dog)doing of "somebody else's dog".

Is this something the council can intervene with if it continues? Has anybody had a similar issue? (I find it hard to imagine that they haven't.)


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On our Ladder street a camera was fitted to a lamp post a year or so ago, plus local 'don't foul' posters.

It fixed it at the time.

To clarify, this was done by Haringey Council, following complaints to them.

I have thought about deploying a stencil with some chalk spray paint but have never actually done it, so can't vouch for success. 

It sounds like you've been polite and reasonable to date. As that hasn't worked I'd stick a note through their door to explain that they are now responsible for keeping the immediate area clear of manure and that any found will be posted through their letter box.

Sounds reasonable. 

Could this be framed as criminal damage, though, and backfire on the poster?

Thanks for the advice, all - nice to have a few avenues I can legitimately pursue now!

I was interested to read that Bolzano (northern Italy) has started a scheme whereby owners have to have their dogs DNA tested so that persistent offenders can be identified and fined. Other Italian cities are thinking along similar lines. I have a friend in Bolzano so can hopefully find out from him how it's going.

I'd suggest putting this sign up on a nearby lamppost, and hanging a roll of poo bags with it. Sometimes people need to be persistently reminded that their behaviour is unacceptable.

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