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PCN issued when parked in a bay on an estate parking scheme - Advice please

We've just been issued a PCN labelled as being from Haringey (creditor is listed as Wing, who I thought weren't doing the EPS enforcement any more?). Our parking area is the Suffolk Road N15 estate which is residents-only estate parking scheme, for which we have a permit, clearly displayed.

The ticket claims we were not in a bay (not true). Has anyone else had experience of this or of challenging this? Additionally, the website for paying said fine looks dodgy as hell - www.iPayMyPCN.net

Thoughts/Advice much appreciated please! This is not the first time we've had to battle incorrect enforcement on the estate (or car was actually towed a few years ago, we proved our case and got both car and money back, but that was under a different operator).

Many thanks HoL people!

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Anyone seeking to understand the Estate Parking system (or similar systems on other private carparks) may like to look-up Wikipedia about the medieval system of Tax Farming.

Also the page on the Ferme générale which was "in ancien régime France, essentially an outsourced customs, excise and indirect tax operation. It collected duties on behalf of the King (plus hefty bonus fees for themselves), under renewable six-year contracts."

Recently crossing the Dartford Bridge, I was reminded of the "Droits féodaux (feudal rights), a long list of petty duties for every possible event or activity in a peasant's life".



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