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Where is the nearest passport photo booth? I need to get some done tomorrow morning.

Am near Harringay Green Lanes and somewhere nearby or towards Finsbury Park would be ideal.


Does the post office collection place in the arena shopping centre have one? Or Sainsburys? I can't recall seeing one in either



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Only one I know of is in Wood Green shopping City outside the Library near the Post Office.
But only if you want to look like a criminal...the local Turkish photo shop does passport photos, a bit more expensive but you get to say if you like them or not!
Sainsbury's has one. It's behind the furthest tills near frozen products.
Any of the Turkish photo shops will do them. We got ours done up near Tescos (so other end of Green Lanes) and he took a lovely photo, edited it on the computer, printed it out and charged us £5. Which I'm sure isn't any more expensive than the photo booths.
Snappy Snaps in Crouch End does them
Minton's Chemist does them (in Wood Green High Road, first (possibly second) shop on the left going from Turnpike Lane towards Wood Green).
The big Tesco near seven sisters has one.

Realise I'm hijacking this old thread somewhat, but has anyone noticed whether the refurbished Crouch End Post Office has one of these passport photo booths?

Looks like it:

" You can also buy design-led stationery, gifts and cards, as well as personal and business services such as passport/ID photos, document copying, printing and binding."

Their website -- https://www.uoe.co.uk/our-stores/crouch-end 

And I think the Harringay Post Office nearly opposite the Salisbury has a photo booth.

Thanks Gordon for the replies. I ended up trying Crouch End PO, no booth but someone takes your photo while you stand next to the wall and then they print them!

The cadge pharmacy on Philip lane does them.  



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