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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The finest Italian restaurant for miles around, in my humble opinion, has now reopened.

I was beginning to get concerned that it would remain takeaway only (the kitchen is also used to prepare food for their Kentish Town sister restaurant Anima e Cuore which reopened a while back).

However I’ve just had the most amazing stew from there and it’s immediately reminded me of what fantastic luck it is to have such a culinary gem on our doorsteps.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

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Have yet to try it - am clearly missing out! 

Great news, fabulous food

Haven't tried it yet - pizzas are so good from Durazzo I haven't wandered... 

Its great. So much more than just a pizza restaurant. Highly recommend it. 

Too many great + non run of the mill pasta dishes to worry about the pIzzas

If you like Durazzo then I'm sure you'll be blown away by P&T's pizza though. They are SO MUCH BETTER! 

Another recommendation, always great food & service. 

Sounds fab. Where is it? The name is familiar but cant place it

West Green Road, Turnpike Lane end. Corner of Harringay

Road. Do try and do tell.

Good news!

I'm Italian and for me and many of my Italian friends it's considered one of the best and authentic Italian restaurant in London. Not for the pizza but for the food. Not comparable to Durazzo.

I definitely think it would be lauded if it was in central London. 

Its the sister restaurant to Anima & Cuore in Kentish Town, started as a spillover kitchen because the one in Kentish Town was too small.  Check out the top of the page for their other restaurant  - and the reviews, we've got a hidden gem





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