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Can anyone recommend a local Party Wall Surveyor in the area? Preferably someone who can provide a quick turnaround when issuing an Award.

Thanks, Nick

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We had a fantastic party wall surveyor called Costas (can't remember his second name at the moment) 07958 249282. He got us out of a whole load of trouble in a very short amount of time. I couldn't recommended him highly enough.
Thanks Ben, that's really helpful.

There is also Peter Tasker, 07774893780.

Does loads of work in the area and doing survey on our house as I type for our buyers. He is qualified for party wall agreements he tells me. (he chartered building surveyor)
Seems very on the ball and competant.

Amazing, thank you.

Did you use either of these, Nick? Or another one? I am looking for a surveyor now, able to deal with party wall agreements, somone with integrity and qualified member of RICS.

Hi Roslyn, I did. I went with Costas (surname Anatolitis) and got in touch with him on the mobile number above. He was great, definitely has integrity and was very thorough. Highly recommend him.

His company name is Anatolitis Associates and email CTanat@aol.com.

Hope that helps.

P.S Thanks Ben for the recommendation btw.

Many thanks, Nick...



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