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The other week I got a parking ticket, with my parking permit fully valid, on the small stretch outside Jewsons that states 4 hours parking. 

The parking sign says 'GLA' i.e. Green Lanes A parking zone, so I thought the '4 hours only' doesnt apply to me as I have my GLA permit. I still think this is the case and that the parking attendant was wrong.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? I frequently see people parked there with the same parking permit as me, and I have never seen a parking ticket in that small zone. Has anyone else had a ticket for this and do people know whether this is a residents parking zone?



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Contest with the council Josh. Easy to do and often leads to being overturned.

The section on the same side as Jewsons is free parking for up to four hours aimed at non residents.  No one, even Residents Parking Permit holders can park for more than 4 hours.  The other side of the road is Residents Parking only - GLA Mon - Saturday 8.00 to 6.30.  I would contest anyway on the basis that even the two signs on the Jewsons side of the road don't match...which is confusing....

Thanks for the info. I will remember that. Although I may write to the council as I feel that this should also be residents parking, there is only room for 4 cars on the other side. Very confusing with the signs though, definitely worth contesting. 

If you contest more often than not it is repealed. Often because they haven't been issued correctly .

Thanks everyone for the response. Will contest and fingers crossed it will work! Hopefully can get the signs changed.



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