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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I got one letter wrong on a reg- U instead of V- has anyone ever tried to challenge something like that? 

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Jenny search for this group on Facebook, they give helpful advice “Council Parking PCNs - Free Advice”

Thanks. Feeling I just have to pay but soooo annoying as I actually saw the guy get me 

You should appeal. Provide evidence that you actually paid (bank transaction) and a pic of your car reg, don't criticise the Council, say you accept the ticket was issued correctly but that you did pay for parking but accidentally got a letter wrong (typed U instead of V) and this was your first ever ticket (if it was), and politely request that they cancel it on this occasion. 

Thanks. I have now found this information but need to work out if it covered council parking or just private. Seems to allow for my error and bigger ones. 

Have done this with the Haringey on-line visitor parking permit. Easy mistake. Think I attached picture of the car when appealing. In any case Haringey canceled it immediately - very easy to appeal on line and quickly sorted

Great to know thanks! It’s a visitor one.

No, but did  you commit the offence? if not you certainly should -your reg has been cloned i am guessing.



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