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Have recently changed my car and applied for change of vehicle on my resident permit. However, although I have sent copy of bill of sale and the piece of the V5C document that I have, Haringey wont allow a change of vehicle until they see the full/ amended V5C. I am unlikely to receive this for a few weeks (partly because DVLC said so and also because we are not always getting our post). Daily permits on line are now £20 per day. I don’t think there is an office to visit at present. Does anyone have any suggestions please.

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Hi Ian, I had the same problem not too long ago. I ended using visitor permits, until I ran out (before the new online system was introduced). Was then forced to park the car outside the CPZ for a few days.

I was issued an updated permit the same day the correct paperwork was submitted (pushed along with a phone call).

Not a lot of help I know, but couldn't find a way around this myself.



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