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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with some advice re parking in St Ann's CPZ (both permits and the Pay By Phone service)?

I've just bought a flat on West Green Road and have applied to be able to register for visitor permits. We don't have a car but we would like to be able on occasion to have visitors be able to park, including electrician, plumber etc as and when we need work doing.

Thanks to LBH's creaky system I haven't yet been able to even request any permits (still at the automated replies stage), so I'm wondering if anyone can help with either of these?

1. Does anyone have any spare visitor parking permits that I may buy from them for this CPZ?

2. Does anyone know where on earth I would find the 5-digit number that Pay By Phone requires when paying for parking without a permit? Are there any streets near Downhills Park with signs that provide this 5-digit number? 

I'd be so grateful for your advice or help on either of these as I am going slowly mad with the council's system.

Many thanks in advance


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Hi, the 5 digit number should be either on the signpost which states the parking restrictions in that road, or printed on the side of the relevant parking meter (which is now redundant). 

I also have some st Ann’s visitors permits to spare. I’ll DM you. 



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