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I’ve seen all the signs that have now gone up regarding parking while the Finsbury Park festival events are on this year. I know there have been conversations on here in previous years about the ambiguity of the signs and this year seems the same!

I can’t work out whether visitors permits are going to be allowed or not; the signs seem to be suggesting that it is residents permits only but from what I can see from a thread a couple of years ago, visitors were allowed.

Can anyone confirm what the case was last year or does anyone know what is definitely happening this year?

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There was a big advert in last weeks Enfield Independent giving details of all of the parking restrictions being imposed.  Schedules 8 and 9 includes the following "(no waiting or loading for all vehicles except Green Lanes A (& B) CPZ permit holders ............)  No mention of visitors.

For further information

Up to and inc. Tuesday 20th - Haringey Council - 0208 489 1300

From Wednesday 21 June


020 8080 1459

Thanks! I called the number, they put me onto a different team via email, but ultimately got a response confirming that visitors permits will be valid. Phew!

Have added to your original post a copy of the letter received by a resident of Wightman Road and copied to me. 

What about blue badge holders? 

I didn’t ask - but rhe email address is gemma.hills@haringey.gov.uk and I got a very quick response :-)

I don't know what Haringay Council officers say but the sign exempts permit holders without making any distinction between visitors' permits and residents' permits.  Logically, is not the holder of a visitor's permit still a permit holder?

This was precisely what I wondered! And apparently the answer is yes :-)

The Council’s web site pages on parking refers to "Resident CPZ permits" and to "Visitor parking vouchers" (not to Visitor parking permits) so to be on the safe side it is sensible to make enquiries and not just assume that the term permit applies to all types of parking.



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