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Just been up in Muswell Hill and noticed there are five newly empty shops on the stretch of road by the cinema - I don't know which businesses have gone except for Leila, but it doesn't look good. I wonder if part of the problem is that Haringey charges £4 for an hour's pay and display parking up there - that's £1 more than in Crouch End or Harringay.

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Bit of analysis-bias there Aidan. Had a quick look over the paper quoted and whilst it makes an interesting case for mortality rate, it doesn't really go into any detail over the predominant causes of pollution (though could have missed it, if so sorry)

I'd always made the assumption that industrial and commercial vehicles were by far the largest polluters, though very open to being proved wrong. One of the reasons why the govt. has introduced higher levies on vans/trucks with poor emissions.

Besides, wouldn't driving to an out-of-town shopping centre causes more pollution, not less? miles/C02 etc etc?

For me it's about the proximity of cars and homes/pedestrian areas.

You're quite right to delve further into the study. I'm not inclined to quibble about the numbers -- the point is that traffic has very serious, fatal, consequences. This shouldn't be forgetten when we start kvetching about the impact of parking charges on local shops. More traffic might be convenient for some shop owners (though I'm not convinced on that), but it is unpleasant for the rest of Londoners, and genuinely fatal for many.

This is more recent: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17704116 .. '"Cars and lorries emit right by where people live and work and so have a greater impact," explains lead author Steven Barrett.'

Don't get me wrong I'd like less pollution but until we're all zooming about on hover-boards run on green energy then unfortunately the car is here to stay. 

I'm all for a green debate, but the car isn't the only problem and it annoys me that car drivers are targeted to pay a stealth tax. 

The green debate is full of 'green herrings and green washes.' in this case it's that when I have to go shopping I go by car. I drive further to an out of town shopping centre. This creates more pollution than driving to my local shops.

You're not being intrusive the reason I can't and don't use public transport is because I have two children under the age of two and my double buggy won't fit on the bus. Most train and tube stations don't have step free access and you're not allowed to use the escalators with a pushchair.

But to be honest even if my double buggy did fit on the bus I'd still drive because going anywhere with small children is a total nightmare. It's easier to be in my own car without disapproving looks as my toddler shouts and throws raisins about and I'm not gawped at as I breast feed my baby. 

For me this isn't a green issue, I'd like to spend my money at local shops rather than out of town shopping centres and don't see why I should be penalised with a stealth tax and pay to park twice. 

Basically London is a busy polluted city and until there is a genuine green solution then it always will be. Until then people will use their cars because it's more convenient. 

Why not make it easier for people to support local businesses by making it possible for them to use the CPZ permit they've already paid for to 'roam' when shopping locally?

If you think the CPZ roaming scheme is a good Idea, email the councillor:


Not sure. Wouldn't it end up with even more cars jockying for a finite number of spaces in areas like Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Green Lanes? I remember the free for all before the CPZ started on the Ladder and wouldn't want to see it come back.
There's more information in this thread:

I contacted the person in charge of the scheme and they said there's been no extra pressure on parking spaces and the scheme has been welcomed.
Seems sensible if it is restricted to those kinds of hours.

Surely LBH are unlikely to allow people to roam on their CPZ disc as the Council would lose a lot of income thereby ?

I probably spend £10 a week on pay and display parking within Haringey - that's about half as much as I pay in Council tax.

There is a very real parking issue in Muswell Hill, the car parks are not clearly signposted at all, and the charges are high at £6.00 for two hours on the meters. There is very little parking in the side streets- i have gone round and round looking for a space, given up and gone home again. This is bound to have an effect on local trade, they provide employment to many and should not be penalised, they should be encouraged, some of the independant shops have been there for years and years and what a shame it will be to see them go as they are wonderfull quirky and very british, which thankfully is becoming acceptable again!!  So what do you think people will do in the future? probably head to other areas where parking is either free or cheaper/fairer.  Bye bye lovely original Muswell Hill independents...who will pay the taxes now??

Did you try the car park behind M&S ? £1.10 for an hour and although it gets busy I have never been unable to find a space.



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