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From Monday (1st) Royal Mail can now leave your parcel with a neighbour. Personally I'm dead against this as for one thing it'll be me taking in all the parcels for the five flats either side of me. Plus these are transient addresses and I don't trust them to re-deliver my parcels back to me.

But I see that you can opt out. But opt out of what? Can I opt out of accepting their parcels or opt out of having mine delivered to them, or both?

As an after thought, if we all opted out of accepting neighbours parcels, would they have to rethink this strategy and revert back a proper delivery service?

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but how is this a new thing? I've been taking in parcels for my neighbours (and vice versa) for donkey's years, my parents did too...

It's interesting how something many of us already do, and which seems perfectly normal, feels somehow a bit more suspect when it looks like Royal Mail is asking us to do their job.

If I'm not home, I'd rather the postie left a parcel with a neighbour, than put one of those cards through my door telling me to go collect the parcel myself. Now THAT is us doing the RM's job ( and even more annoying as I often get a card through the door when I've been home all morning)!

I don't mind taking in parcels for friends, ie, people that I know, and I don't mind them taking in my parcels. But the houses either side of me are let into six and seven bedroom bedsits of short term lets and I don't know them. The people upstairs (shared front door) have decided on internet shopping, fine if they were here to answer the door three or four times a day but they're not. They've even lost or deliberately removed  their doorbell so all their callers ring my bell and expect me to let them in or, in the case of parcel delivery, take it in. It's beginning to drive me mad. I feel like an unpaid servant and to tell you the truth it's not always convenient to answer the door, I may be in the bathroom or eating lunch or what ever, and I feel they're just taking advantage of the fact that I don't go out to work. 

If the mail people and my neighbours expect me to be sitting behind the front door as they seem to think I am (they keep on ringing the bell and banging on the door without giving a reasonable time for me to get there) waiting to be a good neighbour by looking after their post, well.....

And what about if some thing in the parcel is broken or missing? Who gets the blame? It's going to be a lot easier for RM to pass the buck on that one.



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