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Forgive me if there is already a Birds of Harringay thread (I'm struggling to find my way round all the Forum/Blog/Threads). 

On 13th June there were three parakeets in my garden (near Harringay station). First time ever in 30+ years. The only place I've spotted them locally before is Hampstead Heath. Has anyone else noticed similar activity? 

(This makes a nice change from writing about the recycling bins)

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Hi Kate, Thanks for the comments on searching. You're not the only one! HoL has got quite dense. With so much information from so many sources it's never going to be easy to organise stuff. We do our best by recategorising and adding tags as we go along (as we've done with yours), but that only eases the issue, it doesn't solve it. Still there are quite a few ways to search and I can usually (but not always!) find what I want. Have a look at our 'how to' page on searching on HoL from our "How to on HoL" section (normally accessible via the 'About' tab).

(I'm posting here, rather than on your page so other people who may find it useful can read it).

There are a pair flying around here in central crouch end. They could be the same birds. If there's three one will be a juvenile of it's parents. We often go to Hampstead heath to watch the colony in the Oak plantation by the lake at Kenwood house. They are a beautiful and highly social bird with intelligence. We love them.

I have seen them in Finsbury park. Pardon me but they are shits. Over the last 30 years they have taken over Richmond Park and are at risk of harming not just the indigenous bird population but the deer as well.   Although a novelty they are pests.  I believe you are allowed to shoot them I know my late stepfather did god bless him

BBC Presenter Chris Packham on Autumn Watch likes them but also explains some of the resons whay they could be endangering indigenous birds.

More info on the research carried out by Imperial College. They are conducting a count and appear to have no record of parakeets in this area so perhaps James and Kate you should let them know about it. Feel free to make it public. I can assure you they are safe, I don't own a gun, and if did I would train my sights on the sods who let their dogs crap down the path of the Endymion Road entrance of Finsbury Park .

I wholeheartedly agree with you!


I meant it for  Tunbridge Wells's comment about parakeets not dog owners!

What do you mean by nonsense?

Saw some in Clissold Park last week which was the first time I'd ever seen any there. A few months ago I did some Googling after seeing so many on Hampstead Heath. As far as I remember there was quite a lot of information suggesting that several organisations are keeping an eye on these immigrants. They are originally Indian, where they lived in the mountains (eg not boiling hot). Hence they can survive the weather condiditions in the UK. I rather like them.

Saw some once on Hampstead Heath with a couple a Budgie groupies.

Yes indeed.  I have been hearing them screech for the past few weeks but never actually seen them.  It was inevitable they would make their way eastwards.

theres a colony in in Ally Pally..



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