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Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by 2020 ... so Wightman Rd ...

 ... can surely be closed to through traffic in the future, as it currently is during the bridge works. If the planners can deal with the re-routing of all those buses and taxi journeys away from Oxford Street for the pedestrianisation plans, it must be possible to do this for Wightman Road as well.

Living Wightman would do well to have a chat with the new Mayor's office.

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Wolves Lane is interesting and definitely has some geographical similarities, thanks Andy. I can see they have eliminated southbound ratrunning at least from the North Circ itself, and made northbound ratrunning a bit harder. Perhaps we will end up with something similar on Wightman - it's fairly easy to eliminate ratrunning in two or three directions (say, north-, east- and west-bound), though need to be careful the remaining direction doesn't then become a racetrack.

I think Wolves Lane is a bit wider than Wightman? And many of the houses have driveway/front garden parking, so many stretches there is no need to park on the road on both sides at least. I can't envisage a good way to remove pavement parking on Wightman without making it one-way.

I agree that Wolves Lane is an interesting comparison, but doesn't it depend on roads blocked south of White Hart Lane as well as the one way off the North Circular?

More interesting is Woodlands Park Road and Black Boy Lane - why aren't they popular rat runs from the A10 coming south? I think the reason is the Gardens scheme and Hermitage Road closure.

This is what Wightman needs, a resident controlled barrier at, say, the bridge and at Hampden Road. Simple and neat.

And with such little traffic on Wightman, parking both sides with passing points would easily work; and cycling would be a pleasure - as it is in the Gardens.

If Woodlands Park Road (~25k vehicles per week) and Black Boy lane (~70k vehicles) are not considered rat runs, then the average ladder road (~9k per week) must be an oasis of calm!

Wow that's a lot. I accept I was wrong. But that adds to the argument that Haringey is one big rat run for commuters! I have suggested an outer London congestion charge starting at the north circular...

I wonder why Black Boy Lane was chosen as the bus route? It's pretty narrow - also has pavement parking at the top. Perhaps it would be better one-way (the bus could use Avenue Road or Cornwall Road on the reverse leg).

Woodlands Park is also a ratrun, I see it had a couple of calming suggestions added on the interactive map.

I'm not sure, historically I believe black boy lane was a primary route between Hanger lane ( St Anne's - but I maybe wrong about that) and West Green, when Alllll was countryside and West Green was the local hipster place to be. Even had the Wood Green crowd coming down for a great night out in the hamlet-opolis.
More recently however, I've no idea.
I think the buses dont come down Woodlands because of the near 290 degree turn at the bottom on to St Anne's.
But it's curious, I agree.
I've parked on the road many a time but it may be a bit wider, not by much though.
The contra flow thingy ( give way ) really does slow the traffic. Brings it to a halt if the traffic gets beyond moderate. So it's not a fast route through in either direction.
Peter. Woodlands, black boy, Wolves, and Wightman are remarkably similar in overall layout. They all run north south, have an east west road at the southern end and They all also have an impervious barrier at the south end - the gardens, finsbury park, and a couple of closed roads and a school at the bottom of Wolves.
What Wightman and Wolves share alone are the rung roads.

I think you can only be referring to Woodberry Grove as it becomes Lordship Road.... but that road is almost entirely made of large blocks set back from the road with off street parking so there is no need for on street parking, which only occurs for small stretches on one side of the street only.  The rest is either red route or double yellow lines.  But the most significant difference for me is the section of Green Lanes it runs parallel to always runs very freely as it is a wide thorough-fare with plenty of space to pass pulled in buses etc.  Few people choose to rat run through Lordship Road because there simply isn't a need to.

From the latest email out from Living Wightman;

'Living Wightman submitted a joint Evidence Document (with the Ladder Community Safety Partnership) , entitled 'Fresh Start' to Haringey Council yesterday. It was a very thorough mapping of the challenges, evidence and proposed ideas for traffic flow improvement on Green Lanes. Plus lots of quotes from residents and cyclists on the awfullness of Wightman Road/the Ladder pre filtered closure, and the benefits we're now enjoying from a less polluted and healthier community.'

That was a couple of days ago now, any other LCSP members / Living Wiightman supporters wondering what was proposed (or wondered about sight before submission)? I've asked, they don't want to say.



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