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Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by 2020 ... so Wightman Rd ...

 ... can surely be closed to through traffic in the future, as it currently is during the bridge works. If the planners can deal with the re-routing of all those buses and taxi journeys away from Oxford Street for the pedestrianisation plans, it must be possible to do this for Wightman Road as well.

Living Wightman would do well to have a chat with the new Mayor's office.

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Actually Antoinette exactly that kind of scheme (using parked cars to make routes less attractive) is used in the roads south of Seven Sisters Road (Queens Drive etc). The car spaces are diagonal to the pavement so they effectively reduce the street to a single lane. Definitely worth considering.

I'd say the main thing that makes those routes less attractive is that they are closed off with gates to prevent rat-running (although I think that's a side effect rather than the original intention).

Andrew - You're right. In the 1980s I lived in Wilberforce Road - which runs parallel to Blackstock, south of Seven Sisters - when it, Finsbury Park and Queen's Drive were barriered because of kerb-crawling rather than rat-running (slow traffic, then, not fast!).

I haven't lived there for almost 30 years so have no idea of the current effect on general traffic, but I would say that a) all those roads are much wider than Wightman, b) there are lots of roads off Blackstock to the west that easily relieve congestion and c) Green Lanes to the east is also far wider there than in our area and has barely any retail premises, so north/south traffic flow is much smoother to begin with and people don't need to use the closed-off roads as short-cuts in the first place.

I suspect the (coincidental) benefit of traffic reduction in these streets is because the problem was different to begin with and there are enough escape routes elsewhere for traffic to use, unlike the position in Harringay with the impenetrable walls of the railway on one side and the Gardens on the other. If GL was as wide in Harringay or didn't have the shops then people wouldn't have to use Wightman just to get through the area without sitting for hours in traffic jams.

I was going to make a suggestion about angled parking but got distracted, did anyone else add this idea to the interactive map?

(I was distracted by the fact that most of my proposals on the interactive map received an almost immediate negative comment from someone called Sethron, followed by a few dozen downvotes.

I googled Sethron, it seems this is the name of an evil magician in a 1990s video game. But could Sethron actually be a real magician, using his nefarious powers to subvert the interactive website voting mechanism and submit multiple "thumbs down"?

No, unfortunately it turns out to be very easy for one person to submit multiple votes.)

Or maybe your ideas are just unpopular...one of those thumbs down was mine ..just one btw

I think you're just a bit mean Antoinette.

Infamy, infamy, they've all got in for me...

Angled parking:

I think the above road is a bit wider than Wightman, however I suspect Wightman could have angled parking on one side, removing parking on the other side altogether, and still leave space for a single lane for cars and a cycle path. Returning the pavements to pedestrians. Someone with better trigonometry than I can hopefully work out whether it should be 60, 45 or 30 degree angles.

What Wightman finally gets already exists. There is another road parallel to green lanes with measures to calm traffic. Seems to work ( but you'd have to ask the residents of that street) they haven't closed it and you can park on the road.

Which road ?

Oakfield? Warwick Gardens? Please don't keep us in suspense andy h!

Hi, sorry, had work, kids, cooking etc to sort out.
Wolves lane!
Runs parallel to GL was a big cut through/ rat run from the Norf Circ down to white hart lane. And at a point on GL where there is a cluster of commercial activity on the lanes. Similar to the ladder though not a perfect match.
The streets on the adjoining roads (let's say rung roads) are now sequentially one way. Sound familiar?. Wolves lane was then blocked to traffic entering from the A406, though not leaving ( actually not sure which way round they did it). now it has a contra flow system running sequentially in opposite directions with cycle gates. Slowing traffic north and limiting traffic south to mostly local, I assume.. So no more morning madness.
That's what I think will happen on the ladder. Still keeps the road open, limits traffic volume and speed.

The details of the turnpike/ Wightman junction I'll leave to those better qualified than myself. Maybe no entry coming from hornsey, like the no right turn on to turnpike?
Anyway, seems to work, seems proportionate, seems affordable.



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