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Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by 2020 ... so Wightman Rd ...

 ... can surely be closed to through traffic in the future, as it currently is during the bridge works. If the planners can deal with the re-routing of all those buses and taxi journeys away from Oxford Street for the pedestrianisation plans, it must be possible to do this for Wightman Road as well.

Living Wightman would do well to have a chat with the new Mayor's office.

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Maybe throw in a biscuit Justin??
Not failing in anything Jessica; have been involved with this from the start, so take it very seriously.

Like you, we also have lives to lead so popping round for a cuppa is not really want I want to do.  As I said before, if it was ready enough to be submitted to the Council, it's ready enough for the rest of us to see.  I also what to see the actual version as sent to the Council, not a draft nor a version which has subsequent amendments, but the actual version sent to the Council.  Perhaps the only sure fire way of getting that is to ask the Council for it under FOI.

Oh how the plot thickens.....  I went to the whatdotheyknow FOI request website ready to submit my request and found this request was submitted but then also withdrawn just today.....


28 July 2016

Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Could you please provide the original document sent to the Council by the Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) entitled 'Fresh Start' . The document relates to traffic issues in and around Harringay ward. I believe this document was submitted during the week ending July 22nd.

Unfortunately, the group which submitted the document (LSCP) has not been forthcoming in making it public to those whose views it purports to represent.

That's all nice and well, but us Green Lanes residents have had to put up with horrible amounts of traffic thanks to the slowest road works in the world, so the sooner Wrightman road gets its traffic back, the better! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts...

Also I've done a quick survey and 99% of Green Lanes residents are all for the pedestrianisation of Green Lanes and for all the traffic to be re-routed to Wightman Road: at least we have enough shops and restaurants to justify it ;)

I wonder if GL could have much wider pavements like in Wood Green - with off street loading bays in restricted hours, and places for buses to pull in. Two good lanes moving at say 15mph rather than the current stop-start caused by so many parking and turning movements, bunched traffic lights, etc.

Joe - It's only from observation, not measurement, but isn't Wood Green High Road (aka GL) much wider to begin with than our stretch? If the pavements were extended in the same way between the Salisbury and the Arena, say, surely GL would be reduced to a single-track road, so either the traffic jams would run all the way from Newington Green to the North Circular or Wightman would suffer gridlock the like of which even it's never seen!

One of the greatest problems even in normal times is the pinch-point at the railway bridge, exacerbated by the failure of the Arena/GL/Endymion junctions (why aren't there even filter lights for northbound traffic into Williamson and southbound into Endymion?); it's a major contributor to the normal traffic sloth, let alone what's been happening all through the temporary Wightman closure. 

Don, it's a suggestion, we'd need the traffic consultants to judge whether its feasible. GL currently has 3 Lanes, so maybe one could be used to increase the pavement width plus add a median strip/kerb. The remaining two lanes would flow better if as you say the Arena junction is restructured/rephased somehow, plus the multiple other reasons why traffic has to stop are reduced (turns especially right turns into 8 rungs and 6 gardens, parking and loading at inappropriate times, bus stops in the wrong place). Traffic flow is a function of interruptions not just number of vehicles.

Please!! not the median kerb!!! I can't Remember how long ago it was, but there was an island with railings at the bridge end of the lanes some years ago. What a mare! Squashed the traffic in made cycling past it a problem, cost twenty grand ( or something) to install and lasted six months before they paid the same amount to remove it.
Please! Not the median kerb!!

I'm sure any traffic calming measure can be implemented badly.

Some of the median strips in Wood Green don't have a kerb at all I think- it would only be necessary where right turns need to be prevented. Railings are often not used either.

This seems a rather odd suggestion. I've just walked up to Shopping city and the traffic between the Salisbury and Turnpike Lane was moving quite smoothly, as was that on Turnpike Lane itself, probably because the schools are on holiday.

But traffic between Turnpike Lane station and Shopping City was, as usual, at a stop start crawl.



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