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My OVO experience started from USwitch who helped me decide which energy supplier to go for when I moved into Haringey just over a year ago. As they're not one of the big six, it was a little daunting to go with one of the smaller companies. 

My worries were quickly allayed when I saw the savings I was able to make in comparison to the others. The energy tariff I went for was called New Energy Fixed where I paid £73 a month for duel fuel. You only paid for the fuel you used obviously and any credit remaining would then earn you interest on your account, which was more than what I was getting on my savings from my normal bank. It doesn't really register straight away that you're saving money from the monthly direct debit as well as saving from being on a cheaper tariff. You just expect all that £73 to be used up, but it's a nice surprise when you get through your statement. OVO also give you the option of transferring the credit back into your account instead of keeping it in theirs.

I am going to be blowing their trumpet in this post as I've had much better service from them than my previous energy supplier and thought it could help people if they're looking to move from their existing supplier.

OVO has efficient processes in place where they answer calls within 5 mins if you have any queries. This hasn't changed in the year I've had my contract with them. You also get that comforting feeling when you can hear the advisers are in the same country because you're not having to repeat yourself over and over. The emails are also answered quickly. However, it has gone from on the day reply to a 1-2 day delay which to be fair I can't complain about. Bills are very easy to understand and explain everything clearly.

With one year on, I decided to call USwitch again to find out if I should stay with OVO or could I save by switching. I found out I could save £5 by switching to EDF but it had to be managed online. I decided to stick to the 5min waiting time I got used to with OVO and could forgo that extra fiver for better service.

I live on my own and occasionally have my boyfriend over to stay, so OVO worked out perfectly for me. I am not sure what the comparison will be for a family, but if you're living on your own or with another person and feel bills are quite high, I would give OVO a ring.

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I switched to Ovo (online) a year ago - I like the company and the simplicity of their bills, ease of contact etc. But overall, I don't think I've saved much as although on a "fixed tariff", my monthly payments have had to be increased twice as I was using more than they had originally calculated. However, I'm sticking with them this year as so far they have not raised their prices, and also I think they use more green energy than other companies.

Thanks for this information.  WhichSwitch recomended Ovo to me last week when I was sorting out my switching, and I was going to go over to them, but my existing provider (Scottish Power) switched my tarrif to an even better deal when I told them I was going to leave.  I'll keep them in mind when I need to check again in March. 

AFTER three years with one supplier, today I've switched to another (not to or from OVO). Given my  circumstances, all of the price comparison sites - including Which? Switch - recommended that I go with one particular company, and for a significant saving.

But what is best for one individual in one place is not likely be best for another person in another place with different consumption. Best to shop around the price comparison sites first.

I am peeved with my current supplier, who twice switched tariffs on me and who has just raised prices about 10%. I discover that this company has 43 different tariffs (!), according to uSwitch, including six tariffs that are better than the tariff they've had me on for some time.

Their bills, in common with many in this industry, are a model of confusion. I am convinced that this confusion, together with their confusion marketing, is deliberate and it is intended to frustrate easy price comparisons.

Last week the Prime Minister added some confusion of his own to the mix, when he said he would force energy companies to put all their customers on their best tariff (?!). IMO, it would be much better if legislation forced the energy companies to display their prices and tariffs in clear, standardised ways that enhanced comparability.

I agree. It is very confusing and probably on purpose. I feel bad for the elderly who probably feel particularly vulnerable right now and are not sure of what to do and how to do it. We're encouraged to take the onus of finding the best tariff but not all the tariffs are advertised in one place like you've said, thus making it harder to make a decision. It's great there are price comparison sites to step in but that doesn't shake away the feeling that you may still be getting conned where ever you go.

THE other point I'd make is that what might well be a brilliant deal today ... may in 12 months time suffer much by comparison.

This has been my experience: the company with which I'm peeved today was identified via uSwitch as a great deal three years ago. The companies rely on customer inertia - but I'm going to make the comparison every 12 months from now on.

The prices appear to be in a more or less constant state of flux - and fluxing upwards.



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