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Can anybody hear that organ like music in the wind around the Ladder ?

It keep spanning the full range, up and down.

It happens around 5:30pm.

Could it be for a school play ?

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Sounds to me like you have An Organ Grinder 

Maybe one of your neighbours has a virtual pipe organ and is practising scales

It is that loud ?
Not having heard it for a while, I was sure, just now, at half past one in the afternoon today (Saturday) that I could faintly hear it again, only from a slightly different direction.

Perhaps school rehearsals ?

An hour later and the scales sound more like a Tuba than an organ and it sounds more like one of the properties around our area.

I could be both ?

It could be an organ on which (s)he is using the Tuba stop.

I don't get what you mean ?
Oh, I get it.
Today again I heard it, but I think by now the musician has since improved as it clearly was a brass instrument.

I tracked it down to a house along the same road as ours, with the sound ricocheting from distant ones I had to walk around the block a few times to be sure, but I think that I located it.

Shame, as I rather liked the idea of organ music from an invisible circus playing in the air.



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