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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Lovely restaurant in Harringay on Green Lanes - highly recommended - very near the Salisbury pub.

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I went there for brunch on Saturday and completely agree. Both the staff and food were lovely. I thought it was reasonably priced to. Great addition to the area :)

Cash only

*strokes chin*
I paid by card when I went?
I’ve been there a few times for coffee and it was only cash only the first time, they’ve got a card machine now.

Went there last night for a drink, lovely staff, pretty good jazz band on too.

Not so many punters, though. I think they need to sort out their social media - no twitter activity (https://twitter.com/@opera_barbistro) for over a month, website a dead link, and looks like they only set up a facebook page today (at https://www.facebook.com/Opera-Cafe-Bar-379216235842574). It looks like they are going for a live music, open mic, jazz jam program but I don't think you can't rely on word of mouth and passing trade to promote that successfully these days.

It’s good - there must be a crowd for this sort of event given the numbers who got to the Salisbury and Jam in a Jar. Almost a mini bar crawl

We've been in several times now. They do a sandwich and coffee for £5 all day every day and both are superb - great bread, great ingredients, and Monmouth coffee. Not sure how they manage it for £5 but hey. You're right about their lack of a presence on social media though -including the most important social media forum of them all, HoL!

I was impressed by delicious cake, coffee, menu and nice atmosphere but I think they made a BIG mistake with their name - Opera - why??? And I say that as a long standing opera lover but I know opera is not hugely popular and the name may be off-putting people. Sorry tis a shame.

I was in there just over a week ago, and was having a good experience until I witnessed a heated discussion between the owner and a member of staff who hadn’t been paid. The owner didn’t seem very apologetic, nor did he acknowledge the fact that paying customers could overhear. Hopefully this was just a one-off but I found it quite upsetting and won’t be going there again unless I can be assured that they are paying their staff!

I spoke to one of the guys who's doing work to bring this premises back into use. 

He said they're going to turn it into a Turkish restaurant. 

Such a shame. 

It will close within a year. Grim Lanes has reached peak kebab


Peak Kebab and I have to add - peak coffee shop. Have you ever seen anyone eat at the recently refurbished Mezzo? Its days are numbered. 



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