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So the council (Anne Cunningham, head of parking) no longer return my calls, Nilgun must think I'm nuts and does not return my emails, my wife and neighbours tell me that their trucks no longer come down Lausanne Rd but they do come down Raleigh Rd (their other only choice).

On Saturday afternoon walking around Duckett's Common I spotted an Ontime Parking truck heading south down Green Lanes on the other side of the common at speed. That's weird I thought. Sure enough he turned right at the Queen's Head and headed up Willoughby Rd. To see what's odd about this feel free to refresh your memory here. So I took this little picture of him:
Ontime parking, trying it on
and he continued on...
Being the obsessive nerd that I am, I gave chase and took this picture of him NOT turning up Raleigh Rd:
Ontime parking, still trying it on
and he continued pointlessly (considering that he should have been going North on Green Lanes if he was wanting Turnpike Lane) onto Turnpike Lane.

Anne Cunningham has assured me on more than one phone call that the matter is in hand and I should not worry myself about it. This is absolute nonsense. If anyone has a copy of the contract they signed with Ontime I bet it includes access to their depot from Mary Neuner Rd which is impossible if you come from the east of the borough (where all our CPZs are).

Considering the responses I have received from the many private firms I have contacted over the years I consider the council's approach to be less than professional. Unfortunately "parking" is probably the least likely area to be cut - it pays for the great burghers of Muswell Hill's freedom passes.

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It's not impossible.

All they have to do is go along Turnpike Lane, turn left up Tottenham Lane, loop round onto Church street and back onto Turnpike when they can then bear left onto Mary Neuner.

I would guess the one in your pictures was trawling for offenders. they do that around Crouch End a lot, particularly round about 4.30 pm.
They're not supposed to be trawling for offenders, that is the job of the parking inspectors (Anne told me that).
But they do. The Truck drives around, stops, a parking warden jumps out, slaps a ticket on the offending car and the truck lifts it. Parking warden gets back in and off they go.
There has to be a valid ticket in the system before the truck "leaves the depot". When you see them returning empty that means that the "citizen" has managed to drive off in their car before the truck arrived. I would like pictures of this happening if you can get some (is that OK BTP?).

Honestly, we could have done worse if we'd invited the Hell's Angels in to solve the abandoned cars/parking enforcement problem.
Keep up the good work.
This WAR must be won !!!!!!!

They're still at it....

Ontime recovery vehicle



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