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Is anyone having difficulties with parking permit application?

First it does not recognise me as a resident, but that is ok, I can submit evidence. 

But then, after putting in car details, when I go to next step, it comes up with server error.

This has happened repeatedly, and I only have a few days till it runs out.  Should have applied sooner but it has been a busy month.



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Richard can you email me please on Seema.Chandwani@haringey.gov.uk and I’ll get this looked into. Alongside your phone number too

Great to see you responding so quickly, Seema. But could you also please check with the Parking Service if they are getting complaints about this error message from others. 

Not every resident keeps an eye on Harringay Online. And not every councillor keeps tabs on this particular issue.

I wonder if the problem is related to this easy-peasy robot system?

Given the push to sack people and bet part of the farm on 'channel shift', it's okay when the software works smoothly. But when the 'F' goes silent, and fails to work, it's deeply irritating if we need to unscramble a PCN.

Thank you both.  Haringey customer services were very helpful and took all my details.  Then I suddenly remembered that sometimes online forms do not like names with apostrophes , but do not always tell you that is the problem. I tried again and although it still needed details to prove my residency , it let me purchase a permit. So I felt a bit sheepish not to have tried that sooner.  

No apostrophe allowed?
A business that'll go bust in Ireland?

Why should you feel sheepish? We're supposed to be "customers" paying for a service - which appears to run as a successful profit-making business. Why should Haringey residents have to experiment with different spellings of their names - if that's the problem?
The Tottenham constituency may have one of the most multicultural populations in the UK with name variations to match.

I need to renew my permit soon, but have the added complication of changing cars. Last time I changed cars in 2015 I eventually got a reply from parking services telling me I could buy a temporary permit until my new V5 document arrived but I'm not sure if that's still possible. And it's taking the DVLA up to 6 weeks to process change of ownership documentation. And we're not allowed to use a daily visitor permit for more than 2 days in a row. I've emailed parking services on an old email address I found so hopefully they will reply soon. 

I didn't want to fill in the online form because it doesn't seem to be set up for questions, or at least not the questions I want to ask.

Does anyone have a phone number for parking services? Or is it just impossible to talk to them now?

Hi Julie

Why can’t you use visitor permits for more than 2 days? 

Phone number for customer services is 0208 489 1000 


Thanks for the reply Semma. I called and the new system does not allow temporary residents permits for when you change cars and are waiting for the new V5 documents which can take about 6 weeks for the DVLA to process.

They told me I have to use visitors permits, which have just gone up to £4 per day. I'm kicking myself for not stocking up on paper permits. It could cost me £120 in visitors permits while I'm waiting for the DVLA to send me the new V5 - which is more than my resident's permit for a year - CRAZY!

And even more annoying because my current residents permit is still valid until the 6th September so despite only ever having one car in my possession I will be paying twice for about 3 or 4 weeks.

Julie, your situation sounds complex and unique 

Did you call? Or can you email me with a phone number and I’ll get someone to call 

Email: Seema.Chandwani@haringey.gov.uk 

Thanks Seema

I may have over complicated things, basically I'm getting a new (to me) car and I need a residents permit for my CPZ however because of Covid the DVLA take 6 weeks to process the change of ownership document which is the V5.

The new system will only accept a full V5, the old system allowed people to buy a temporary permit for £20ish AND pre-pandemic the DVLA didn't take 6 weeks to process the documentation.

I did call the council parking dept and spoke to someone who told me the new system doesn't have access to the old system, the new system doesn't allow temporary permits and I would have to use visitors permits until my V5 came back from the DVLA, but she did help me work out how to buy a virtual visitors permit.

I also had a reply to my email which said I could apply for a residents permit while waiting for the V5 and it would be marked as 'pending' until the V5 gets to me. But I've asked for clarification if 'pending' means I can park in my street and not be fined.

I really appreciate your offer of help and may take up you on it if I don't get a reply to my latest email.

Seema, it's hardly a unique situation to change your car, but it's unfortunate that at the moment Covid has slowed down the DVLA to a crawl. I changed car last year and it took almost two weeks to swap over the permit, during which time I had to shell out for visitor permits at great expense (we have all-day visitor parking here). I don't feel that anyone should have to pay for weeks of visitor permits when they have a perfectly valid and paid for resident permit from the former car.

So. If I've grasped this accurately, neither complicated nor unique. Just one of many normal transactions where Haringey's willing and sensible residents want to pay the set fee into the Council's coffers. And where it seems there are willing and sensible Parking & Customer Services staff who are keen to help but are badly served by the machines they have to work with.

So please Zina Etheridge Chief Executive - or somebody who understands how this machinery functions - get on and fix whatever's broken or clogged up.

Once upon a Communist time, we had a family holiday in Varna, Bulgaria.

Relatives who'd made the same trip told us that it was not possible to buy coffee and cake together in a café. Naturally we expressed doubt. But having experienced the same problem in several establishments we persevered and eventually found somewhere where after going up and down stairs & buying different tickets, excellent coffee met delicious cake.

C'mon Haringey!
People are not insisting on coffee and pastries with their parking permits. Please get the basics right.

You can use Haringey Customer Services number , plus a kind person has put their email above. Also on the online application there is a Contact tab you can use that takes you to an online form. 



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