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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Once More Once More: Harringay / Haringey or even Harringey??

The great debate of our age reaches the British Library

Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art”

They have Stephen Walter’s, 'The Island', 2008 online.

You have to zoom in and it does take a while to get your bearings, but it is well worth a long look in full screen.

Is this a “new” twist on the spelling or am I really *really* behind?

And it gives another reason why The Ladder is best.

Personally I was shocked. The OED definitely uses a “z”

(Sorry about the picture sizes - new at this game....)

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Thanks for this Mark. We had more on Walter's maps here, but none of us had picked up this issue. Great to know this hundred year old issue has finally made it to the British Museum.

For the benefit of more recent members, I've added a "Harringay Name" tag underneath your initial post. Clicking it will link to all the other posts on this issue over the past few years.
I did look to check I wasn't duplicating - but I do need to look deeper!
Trouble is you always get sidetracked by the great stuff in HoL......
You weren't duplicating Mark. You've added new material. Many thanks. (And yes it's not always easy to find stuff that's already on here, but always better to duplicate than not post.)
This is fantastic, thanks Mark. A great way of avoiding thinking who to vote for. I've seen bits of this map but not the whole thing.

Does anyone know the story behind the comment over Muswell Hill about a Scottish king being cured there by nuns (just to the right of Ally Pally)??
Or to the left, if you're a man :-)

Could be Robert the Bruce who has links to this area (Bruce Castle )



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