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Next Tuesday, the Council's cabinet will be taking a decision on a proposed 'Olympic themed event' for Finsbury Park, Aug 2012.

The event is described as:

showcasing the cultural best of one of the competing nations. The event will be all inclusive showcasing the country and its people and wil attract visitors from a diverse international heritage.

Should we open a book on which country it'll be?

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7.2. Details of Proposed Event
7.2.1. A leading music and event promoter has applied for use of Finsbury Park
between 3 and 12 August 2012. They are considered to be one of the largest live
entertainment companies in the world.
7.2.2. The proposed paid entry event will be a competing Olympic country's flagship during the London Olympic Games. The event will showcase the best of the country's
offerings including its sports, lifestyle and tourist attractions.
7.2.3. The event proposes to showcase the best of a particular country
's offerings including its sports, live music, art, fashion, tourist attractions, food and drinks. The Event will present an exciting array of activities and entertainment.
7.2.4. The targeted audience and attendance is 20,000 people (15,000 adults,5,000 children) per day, over 10 days plus set up and take down. The audience would be of diverse international heritage, with an interest in all things multicultural.

7.2.5. The event footprint would largely be the concert / bandstand field area,approximately 20% of the park.
7.2.6. Although very keen to use Finsbury Park, the event promoter is also considering a number of other potential venues. They have indicated that they would like a decision as soon as possible.

8. Chief Financial Officer Comments
8.1. The service has an income target of £150k for this site. In recent years, due to a decline in events held in the park, this has been unachievable and has resulted in a pressure for the Business Unit. This event could generate sufficient income to achieve this target or possibly even exceed it.

They have other options? As long as the council bargains hard (Victoria Park does not have the transport infrastructure and £150K is less than £1 per person) I really don't see a problem...


I think £5 per person per day sounds fairer (even the local school fairs can squeeze £10 pounds out of a family), double if the country is Russia.


Is that the kind of comment you wanted Anne?


It says 20,000 people, per day, over 10 days.

My bet is Brazil because they have the 2016 Olympics and will be promoting it.

I can't really see why any of the other competing countries would want to set up a big trade fair showing off their food and tourist attractions.....they'll be concentrating on sports presumably.

If the decision was made by council last night surely we shall now be getting more detail.



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