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I was walking down Green Lanes form Manor House this afternoon, and noticed that an old shop had appeared above the shuttered shop at No 382:  "THE STADIUM SHOP", apparently form the old days of Harringay Stadium.

Does anyone remember this shop?

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Great one, Peter. Thanks. It joins these and this one.

Interesting to note (and I'd never noticed before) that the store seems to have retained its link up till today. I hope they don't drop it now.

Is it near the railway bridge? Think I have a vague memory of it on the right hand side coming down from Manor House underground. Just after the bridge

Here's another golden oldie, revealed in the conversion at 5 West Green Road, where the much-missed Fair Deal supermarket is being converted into a Sainsburys Local. Hope you can see the trace of the name and its classic font.

This is of course part of the block that LBH's central committee has decided cannot attract magnet shops unless it is razed to the ground.

nice one pamish. I was just going to mention this one too, glad you got a photo of that before the Sainsburys frontage went up.

Living in Kimberley Gardens in the 50's I remember this shop very well. Thank's for posting

I'm sure I remember a Woolies on Green Lanes when we moved here (where Iceland is now?). Or is my memory playing tricks?



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