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The current refurbishment of the "N4 Eatery" at 351 Green Lanes has revealed an old shop front sign: "Harringay Ice Cream". Apparently a later sign, the remains of which are in blue on the right, just read "ICE CREAM". Any memories anyone?

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Glad you caught this, Peter.

More on this premises here

Thanks, Hugh! I thought you might be able to add something!

Yes I’m sure that was the old Ice Cream Parlour in Harringay, there could not have been two on the same side of the road.  Eddie 

And the writing hidden by the blue board actually reads "Parlour".

It has been uncovered since I took the picture.

Is this not the one referred to in other conversation 'opposite' the arena? Which it nearly is. 

See my link above. 

Ah! Found it. Thanks again. 

It's taken me three years, but contemporary photos just added here, Peter, in case you've not seen it

I have seen it, Hugh, and what fabulous post of yours that is!

I had breakfast at the N4 Eatery the other day, and Dogan told me he had tried to preserve the old signage and put it up on the wall inside, but it ended up not being possible. 

That’s a shame. Do you know why?

I must ask again. It may have been too difficult to remove. It would have really enhanced the Eatery. 

When Haldun was finishing doing up Tramp café, I spotted an old wooden sign on eBay which he bought as decoration for the restaurant. It was for the Silver Greyhound Restaurant in the Harringay Arena. I wonder what happened to that?

If they couldn’t get the old sign off, I hope they just left it in situ.

if they couldn’t get the old sign off, I hope they just left it in situ.



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