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Hi, Anyone remember the Ice Cream Parlour opposite the Arena? Also if you do, have you got any photo's of it?

I spent many hours in the parlour around about 1952. The juke box had quite a few bob from me (Frankie Lane, Johnny Ray etc)

Hope for some info.

Roy Bowker (ex 64 Kimberley Gdns).

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This one do you, Roy? Looks like about three decades after your time. but it's all I can contribute.

Thanks Hugh, Her and me thought the parlor was nearer the center of that block. However got some conversation for us this evening. Shame that 29 bus in the way. lol

Ta again,


It's in the same premises as the N4 Eatery is now. That makes it four shops down from the Beaconsfield. Does that sound about right? Or did you think it was closer to Endymion?

Yes Hugh, I have to say we did think it was nearer Endymeon. At a guess about 5 shops towards the centre from the fish and chip shop (which was 2nd or 3rd from from Endymion corner). If you know where that was.

Maybe the one in the Eighties photo was a completely different business. Do you remember the name of the one you're thinking of?

It was the "Ice Cream Parlour" as far as I can remember Hugh. Italian or Greek chap behind the counter.  Juke Box was at the back on the right.

Yes Hugh, That will do nicely. Thank you very much.


The Ice Cream Bar was there in the Seventies and through the Eighties it was owned by Andy, his son also worked there. I delivered their milk, from St Anns Dairy in St Anns Road corner of Cleveland Gardens. I was the proprietor from 1977 to 1995 so i have a good knowledge of the area. Before !977 in lived in Legat Court, Warwick Gardens and Woodlands Park Road in a Prefab

How interesting! Thank you, Malcolm Abbott for sharing this information. Delighted to find about local history. We live on St Ann's Road a little bit above from where St Anns Dairy was. We moved to this area in 2013 and to UK/London/Haringey in 2008 so my first hand experience is quite recent.

Hi Ivana,

How are you finding Harringay? I lived in Kimberley Gardens most of my younger life until 1960 when I got married.

Looking back i have so many happy memories of when I was living there.

Hope you like living there like I did.

Roy Bowker

PS I now live in Cornwall, but at times I often think of my life in Harringay.

Hi Roy,

Apologies for a late reply! Hope you are well and safe. I have never been to Cornwall but I'm told it is a very nice place.

After Muswell Hill, Crouch End, and Stroud Green (a bit painful to have had to move four times in five years!), we've been very happy (and stable!) in our current place. We enjoy the green spaces, the shops, and the diversity of people -- we have found a strong sense of community. 

A further big change will be the housing development of St Ann's Hospital site. Barnet Enfield Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust has kept one third of the land and sold the rest to the Greater London Authority. The Trust has completed its first phase of renovation/building, while the developer that GLA has chosen is now embarking in consultations and development.

Many in the neighbourhood are involved with groups that are advocating genuinely affordable housing and increased green spaces (with special care to the rare trees on the site and the woodland by the railway - site of importance for the nature conservation).

Some links about St Ann's site, in case you are interested:

Catalyst https://consultation.chg.org.uk/hub-page/st-ann-s-neighbourhood

StART (St Ann's Redevelopment Trust) http://www.startharingey.co.uk/

Friends of StAGS (St Ann's Green Spaces) @StAnnsGreenSpaces

Friends of Chestnuts Park http://www.friendsofchestnuts.org.uk/

All the best,


Same premises as I suggested last time, Roy. Does this help?



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