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I'm looking urgently for someone who still uses a fountain pen, and writes in an old-fashioned style. I need you to write an address that I can use as artwork on a book cover. 

Maybe not you, but perhaps an older relative?

Do email me at editor@envelopebooks.co.uk

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What you mean is cursive. There are very few people now who can write a good cursive script, with pen and ink. Even when I was at school (1950s-1960), when we all wrote with fountain pens (usually with a reservoir that could be re-filled from a bottle of ink), despite which we worked at desks equipped with ink-wells, from the days before fountain pens were affordable; very few of my fellows could write in a good cursive. However, there are still people around (of all ages) who appreciate the beauty of it, though they are few and far between. My wife and I received a wonderful Christmas message, from a friend in her late twenties, written in a lovely script. I wish you luck.

I could do this for you and if my writing is not what you require and know many other calligraphers Yas 07890184412

Dear Sami, please send me an email - editor@envelopebooks.co.uk - and I'll send you the writing I want to get written. Thanks

email for required writing : yasandrauf@talktalk.net Thanks



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