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Having assumed it was temporarily closed due to COVID, it seems The Old Dairy has shut its door for good. Does anyone have any more insight? Current management a victim of the pandemic, or is the pub lost to us for good?

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CAMRA and Opentable report it as permanently closed. It was part of the Metropolitan Pub Company's stable (itself a Greene King subsidiary). It no longer shows up on their website's 'Our Pubs' location search - the nearby 'World's End' pub does, though of course closed again for now.  Its website, Facebook and Twitter are all dead too.

Here's Londonist's appreciative writeup and pictures from five years ago. I'll miss it.

Footnote: Another noteworthy pub/restaurant, the Queen's Head in Crouch End, was reported on HoL as closed because the owner went into administration during Lockdown 1, but had since reopened [website] under a new owner and much the same staff until the recent changes.

I'm seeing the same. Various "closed" or "this account no longer available" on social and other listings, but news story, and no "we're closing" notes on their own channels.

I did wonder if their lack of outdoor space hurt them during the pandemic.

A shame - the food was of a high quality (and priced to match, to be fair) but the one boon of that place was the fact it showed football - precious few places of that quality do.

Very good point; had never considered it that way but you're quite right.

And if you didn't fancy the football the layout meant you could still have a quietish meal/drink in the Crouch Hill side 'leg' of the place.

Dave, the one boon !

Did you mean 'the one bane'?

Aha, OAE, I could easily use either, depending on the result!

Link to thread on stroudgreen.org here. Nothing to contradict earlier discussion here, e.g

"Regrettably now confirmed as gone. Saw them loading stock into cars yesterday" [Oct 18th].



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