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Just now I noticed the tweet in the title whizz past on my timeline.

I'm holding out a while yet. You? How much do we actually save on average by holding out a week or so longer?

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I'm a really chilly person, but I haven't yet felt inclined to put on the heating. I have taken a hot water bottle to bed once or twice, though.

This may be a ridiculous New Zealand thing (or as my wife would describe it, a ridiculous Upper Hutt thing, as the kiwi habit of shivvering pointlessly in uninsulated and inadequately heated houses didn't seem to extend to her part of the country) but we usually hold off until mid-October. The autumn heatwave made this easy to observe last year. We'll see about this year...

I've had the heating on for 20 mins or so in the morning and evening for a couple of days now. During the colder months we only have the heating on a timer in the morning, the rest of the time I turn it on as and when needed.

 MalcomB, I agree -  the heating situation in NZ houses is  ridiculous, even in Auckland!

No way. Always make a slightly obstinate point out of holding off as long as possible but not even considered it yet.

Surely not! It's not even cold. Even if it were chillier I would never dream of firing it up til November at the earliest. Have people already forgotten how hot last October was? early autumn is generally mild.

I don't have access to the heating controls in my place - it's all done on a timer which can be adjusted in my room and bathroom - but I'm still needing my window open at night, and sitting in work with the window wide open (although yesterday I was rather chilly by this time in the afternoon!) But my little flat is well insulated, having flats both above and below it and the only external facing bit is the double-glazed window! Haven't had a winter in the place yet but expecting it to be pretty cosy :-)

Mine's going on tonight. I hate being cold. Not much of a Viking, am I?

Yup, mine's on now...

Ok, that's it. I'm putting my jumper on.

Mine's on all year. Isn't that the point of having a thermostat?

In my unusually large house, the difference in average daily gas consumption between unheated months and heated months is about 200 Kwh, ie about £6.  Of course, in the first week of heating the difference wouldn't be that big but I would guess that we shall save at least £30 a week by leaving the heating off.  I never put the heating on until I have seen everyone putting away their summer clothes and wearing something warmer.

As with so many of life's important issues, Family Guy does it best:




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