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Ofcom: Virgin Media Better than Average Judged by Level of Complaints

Reading (and writing on!) HoL you'd be forgiven for thinking that Virgin Media is the worst of broadband providers. Having helped to contribute to that impression, I thought it only fair to share the lates Ofcom comparative report on consumer complaints about broadband suppliers.

At the top level, the report shows the number of complaints received per 100,000 customers. Here's the table:

Are we too tough on Virgin?

You can read the full report here (and older reports here).

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I think I've commented before that there seems to be a big split in the quality of Virgin depending where you are. A day's downtime a year is pretty the max for me whereas others seem to have countless problems.

I think they are selective on what they catagorise as "complaints". I've raised one in the past where I've specifically asked that they log it as a complaint only to find that it wasn't



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