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Now Live: People's Park Plinth @FinsburyPark - Hervisions x Ayesha Tan Jones

Hervisions x Ayesha Tan Jones
A site-specific, sonic augmented reality encounter with a digital tree sprite that tells tales of the tree's past, present and future.

Artwork live until 19 July and August 2021

Based on a Tree Story opens a communication portal between visitors and a London plane tree dubbed the Trunk Triplets Tree, Furtherfield Gallery’s next door natural neighbour, allowing them to exchange stories and share wisdom. This encounter is produced when Ayesha Tan Jones’s work is activated through an augmented reality app, with the audience utilising their mobile phones to access the artwork and an audio experience.

Once you are at Furtherfield Gallery, you will need to scan the People’s Park Plinth QR code and walk towards the tree with three trunks wearing an amulet - situated North of the gallery. Scan the amulet with your phone and it will reveal the Sprite of the Trunk Triplets Tree The Sprite is the spirit of the tree, it will teach you the rhythm to connect with the earth beneath your feet.

Follow the Sprite around the park as it unfolds the tree’s fable.

If you visit this work at Furtherfield Gallery or via thePPP website, please share your experience using the tags @furtherfield, @hervisions_, @ayeshatanjones and the hashtag: #BasedOnATreeStory

The People’s Park Plinth is a project that turns the whole of Finsbury Park into a platform for public digital artworks and asks people to pick their favourite experience to be produced at a larger scale in the Fall of 2021.

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