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Unless I'm mistaken and there was a thread that has been posted about the loss of our Queen?

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No, I didn't insinuate that your post implied that QEII interfered. I'm just making the point that the Queen did not ever get involved in the politics of her country. The one aspect about her monarchy was that she understood that she was exclusively a figurehead for the United Kingdom. Any political involvement was and is down to the government of the time. 

Its not true that the queen did not get involved in the politics...

That's a tendentious allegation Con. It would carry more weight if you could back it up with examples. 

The very purpose of the monarchy is political, topping a whole system that is political.

The very purpose of our monarchy is to prevent the whole system becoming totally political. If Germany had had a monarchy like ours in the 1930s WW2 probably wouldn't have happened.

But I'm waiting for Con's answer.

Mine not good enough eh?

It didn't stop them in 1914, with cousin Kaiser Willy. 

" monarchy like ours "

He was 'ours', one big happy Sax Coburg Gotha family.

What about the 'Queen's consent', the royals privilege of seeing laws prior to the elected government, it is well documented that she frequently intervened to change proposals, it's documented that she intervened to keep information of her financial affairs secret, also many examples that both she and Charles intervened to stop planning or developments that affected their holdings. Many other examples of using privilege to sidestep laws and responsibilities that the rest of us are subject to. More than that her promotion of a system which is basically undemocratic.

Many examples on HOL of individuals intervening to stop planning or developments that affect our holdings :-)

But HoL contributers don't have the power to see and change proposed laws before the elected parliament has had sight of them.



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