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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Unless I'm mistaken and there was a thread that has been posted about the loss of our Queen?

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Really....Well without even meeting me, let alone knowing me you have got me pretty much ticked off and certified. More the fool you is all I can say.

Happy the fool who knows he is a fool. 

You can blame the politicians of the time, not the Queen. She could not, nor should not interfere with the politics of the time and she did not. 

You might want to read this and re-evaluate your view on whether or not she interfered with politics. There are other examples


Did you expect one? Different people will have different views about the monarchy, levels of attachment to the people involved, and so on. There are plenty of sites where those kinds of things are discussed. This is a site about (as the name suggests) Harringay. It has some entertainment and discussion purposes, but probably most of the people who contribute to it and read it are interested in questions like how is the air quality, who are the reliable plumbers, that sort of thing.

Reliable plumber is also a subjective notion...

Absolutely it's about Haringey, the clue is in the name, but I just cannot understand why not one person, apart from myself has mentioned the queens passing in the past 11 days on HoL since it happened. Nextdoor.com has several threads about it but I guess that site is considered to be for the idiots and not the right thinking educated intelligentsia amongst us.  

I think you answered your own question here...

I rest my case.

Harringay!!! The clue is in the name.

Thanks to all for your replies. The few replies are obviously either anti monarchy or indifferent.

Oh well, I never expected anything else.

God save the King. 

Glad to be of service and that were able to get what you were looking for...



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