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Leafing through Kelly's directory of 1935 I found a reference to Northumberland House private mental hospital which was situated about where Rowley Gardens estate on Green Lanes (approaching Manor House station , opposite the park) it is listed as "Northumberland House, private mental hospital, superintendent and physician Frederick Dillon MD". It must have been quite considerable taking up 342 to 354 Green Lanes, seven of the large houses that still remain. Anyone know anything about it?

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Hugh, you never cease to amaze me!

My mum used to tell a lot about this and that somebody famous actually lived there, my family moved into the Woodberry Down easte in the late 1940's when it was 1st built my mum knows quite a lot of the history I'll call her and find out for you

I spoke with my mum she said there should be a website all about it. She said when she was young her ad her mates use to play on the site, as it was all deralit by then. She said a famous poets wife was one of the patients but can't remember who,the parents always told their children that the site was hunted due to all the mental patients that died there

Our house in Woodberry Grove backed onto Northumberland House, or the Looney Bin as we unkindly called it. Now and then I would look over the fence and watch the poor unfortunates being walked around the beautiful gardens. The place was emptied of patients in the mid 50’s and became our playground. The house was magnificent, wood panelled walls, enormous rooms with wonderful wooden floors, it really was a grand house. But as a playground it had everything, deep cellars, padded cells, air-raid shelters, in the grounds there was a summer house that revolved to face the sun, heated green houses and vast gardens that backed onto the New River.

Best of all, there were no grown-up to tell you what to do!

It was demolished in 1958 to make way for Rowley Gardens estate.

I am researching a Heritage Lottery Fund project on the history of Woodberry Down and would love to include this memory and photo in this. And any others there are Can we talk?



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