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Is it just me, or is the problem of very noisy motorbikes getting worse around here? There's one that starts up around midnight, apparently racing up and down Green Lanes with frequent backfiring like the sound of gunshots. And someone shot by me today at at least 40mph with a huge roaring exhaust. Is it legal to make such a racket? (It definitely isn't legal to go at that speed!)

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On a slightly different note, has anyone else noticed that the area outside the old vehicle repair place at the bottom of Warham Road seems to have become a delivery/distribution hub using scooters and motorbikes?  The paid for parking bays on the south side have up 10 bikes parked at any one time and there’s a fairly constant flow up Warham from there.  Any clues into who might be running this, what it is or the name of the organisation would be very welcome.

Have noticed loud bikes and cars roaring up and down Green Lanes/Wood Green High Road and adjacent streets until gone 1.00 am. Very intrusive - must be terrrible for anyone living on the road - we are a couple of streets away.

I know the one you mean - I think if might be a car. It's horrible.



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