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Is it just me, or is the problem of very noisy motorbikes getting worse around here? There's one that starts up around midnight, apparently racing up and down Green Lanes with frequent backfiring like the sound of gunshots. And someone shot by me today at at least 40mph with a huge roaring exhaust. Is it legal to make such a racket? (It definitely isn't legal to go at that speed!)

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We need this in the UK. French radar type tool cracking down on noisy motorbikes.

Agree, but it works by tracking vehicle registration number plates, so won't work with stolen bikes. Even so, would love London to use this system. The loud bikes drive me crazy - much worse I think in Green Lanes and Lordship Lane. Have complained to Police but they don't seem to deal with noise nuisance. Think this is now Council's role, but how could Haringey tackle speeding motorbikes?

Not the only area that suffers

Was a issue late last year

But Police brought in their new Large Trial Bike Team

Saw many pulled over and contractors lorries removing several with Police notices on them

Seems We need another visit from this team

Saw them in action several times, work as a Team. Remember they had real loud sirens and used to notice local bikers shake when they herd or saw them

Noticed ones in Central London , was mostly armed with Tazer and Side Arm. In New reports

Yay that sounds like what we need. 

This is encouraging - hope they perservere with this.

Out of interest, who do we register a complaint to about this to? I've noticed a ton new bikes in the SG area, mostly delivery, but also joy riders.

How about at one of the police / residents meetings ?

Here under Anti Social Behaviour:


Here's a link from Motor Cycle News just last week.

From the police comment on the article, it seems like there need to be a weight of complaints to get the police to act. Since there is possible law infringement involved, I wonder if it would work if you can get a shot of the offending bike's number plate and then report it. Evene better a video with decent sound quality.

Interesting report

Reminds me of my past Biking Days

Never a issue for me as was into International Touring

But aware it is a growing issue these days as more people seem to want to wind up others and Police

Fingers crossed enough people will contact the Police direct and through their Facebook page.    Enough for someone to give the order to bring back the New Biker Police Squad

Who did a good job on their last Tour of the Borough

As the Bikes they had removed. Never seemed to come back. Now seems that past owners have got funds to get replacements

That would be very difficult as they drive so fast. 

Yeah it's supremely annoying, not least because many of the louder exhaust machines appear highly correlated with dangerous riding, and generally antisocial behaviour. Yesterday I witnessed one such primitive creeping up traffic on Green Lanes.

He was continuously revving his engine in some kind of tantric mating call intended to simultaneously act as a powerful attractor to the opposite sex, and a warning signal to all males attempting to intercept the hordes of women throwing themselves onto the traffic in an attempt to jump on his bike and ride into the sunset with this incredibly impressive individual, who I'd simply call a moron.



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